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People Are Saying….

“(Edward Boccia) has painted a number of triptychs which I consider by far his best work, and which not too many people have seen, as I own them all except an early one that I gave to the Denver Art Museum and another early one that I gave to St. Louis University. Mr. Boccia carries on in the tradition of Beckmann, but has his own allegorical themes, characters and style of painting.”

- Morton D. May in a letter to Thomas M. Messer, Director, Solomon Guggenheim Museum in New York, October 11, 1966


“I have been collecting Mr. Boccia’s work for 17 years. This includes literally hundreds of drawings and over 100 paintings. Among these are his triptychs which I consider to be his major contribution… Boccia’s dominant mood is that of an Expressionist with memories of the great artists of the past and the great earth themes that have occupied mankind’s dreams for centuries.”

- Morton D. May in a letter to Ogden Pleissner, Director of the Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation in New York,  April 21, 196


“I do not know of a more highly self-disciplined and prolific painter than Edward E. Boccia. This artist, teacher, poet and humanist has shared his talents through seemingly boundless energies with St. Louisans and Washington University’s School of Fine Arts students and colleagues for more than thirty years.”

- Roger DesRosiers, Dean of the School of Fine Arts, Washington University in St. Louis (1983)


“Mr. Boccia’s work is best described as expressionistic, some of it even surrealistic; and, like expressionists in general, he has adapted many diverse styles and techniques to serve his expressionistic purposes.”

- M. B. McNamee, S. J., Professor of Art History and Director of Cupples House, St. Louis University (1983)


“As long as this man breathes the planet’s air, he cannot stop painting. Nor can he stop the pursuit of another of his passions: making poems.”

- David Clewell, Poet Laureate of Missouri 2010


Inquiries regarding authentication, provenance and the preservation of Boccia artwork may be directed to the committee at the Boccia Trust (Alice Boccia,


Boccia’s work may be found at Kodner Gallery Fine Arts, 9650 Clayton Road, St. Louis, Missouri 63124 info@kodnergallery.comand McCaughen and Burr Fine Arts, 19 North Gore Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri 63119