Mission Statement

Established in 1987 as a legal trust, the Edward E. and Madeline J. Boccia Foundation, Webster Groves, Missouri is a research and educational organization dedicated to exhibiting, preserving, and interpreting the art and archives of the late American painter and teacher Edward Boccia (Washington University, St. Louis). As part of this effort, the trust has an active program of educational training opportunities with a special focus on the professional development of woman and minorities in the arts as well as an interest in supporting the local arts communities and arts programs for children.


In recognition of the late artist’s lifelong commitment to teaching and fostering creativity, the foundation’s advanced learning opportunities for qualified university students in the fields of art, art history, conservation and archival and museum studies and as such has an active internship and research assistant program. In this capacity, the foundation sponsors an average of three to four interns a year, each student concentrating on a different area of research, and seeks to expand its programming.



About the Artist, The Educational Connection


Boccia was an art professor for over thirty years and supported hundreds of students in their artistic development through informed and rigorous teaching. A firm believer in training, hard work and the application of one’s mind, Boccia’s teaching and art practice was characterized by a belief that working in the arts could be a transformative experience, and was imperative to the intellectual development of a student.


Through the building of relationships between student and supervisor, we provide not only formal opportunities for professional development but also support for personal development including a sense of inclusion in a field that is often exclusive, and structured learning opportunities developed according to the interns’ abilities and needs. We are interested in building confidence and self-efficacy, a key to success in the workplace.


The students’ work under the supervision of a curator and art historian, trained registrar and conservator on projects related to the preservation of art, publications, research and exhibition preparation.


Our highly qualified research team includes Edward Boccia’s daughter and heir Dr. Alice Boccia, Conservator, Scripps College, with special consultation with Petruta Lipman, Director of Museums and Galleries, Saint Louis University, and assistance from Annika E. Fisher, Line Editor; C.C. Marsh, Lead Research Assistant, All Research Areas, PHD Candidate, University of Texas; Emily May McEwan-Upright, American Art Research Assistant, MA, San Jose State University, and Wendy Timmons, German Exile Culture and Expressionist Research, Montclair University, BA German Studies.


- Rosa JH Berland, Honorary Research Director, Edward E. Boccia Trust







 Educational Mission


“Edward Boccia has been a major contributor to the arts in St. Louis since 1951, when he joined the faculty of the School of Fine Arts, Washington University, and added significant and enriching strength to the cultural forces of the community. An artist-teacher of stature and deep dedication, he has not only stimulated and effectively guided generations of students but, equally, has also produced an impressive body of creative works which have brought recognition and honors to him.”


(Kenneth E. Hudson, Dean Emeritus, School of Fine Arts, Washington University, St. Louis).





Boccia was a professor at Washington University, St. Louis for over thirty years; following the steps of mid century art world illuminati such as Philip Guston, and Max Beckmann. As part of the influential development of a vibrant arts culture at Washington University, Boccia was deeply dedicated to teaching and rigorous training, Boccia instilled in his students not only the drive to experiment, but also discipline and industry as a means to successful creative vision. In recognition of this legacy, the trust is committed to providing specialized training and education opportunities to university students in the arts in order to create learning and professional self-efficacy.


We offer a range of internships for university students in the fields of archival studies, art history and museum studies. At this point in time, the internships are unpaid, but offer critical training to students seeking professional development and experience. While all candidates are welcome to apply, we particularly seek to offer training opportunities to women and minorities interested in entering the art historical or museum field. We are seeking to support our efforts through grant programs and foresee collaborations with non-profit youth organizations concerned with art education.



Archival Efforts

In other news, we are also currently engaged in the archival preservation of the artist’s work and legacy, through research and digitization of the paintings, drawings, and text at the artist’s trust and national archives. This effort will make Boccia’s practice accessible to scholars and students alike and further scholarship on the artist.




As part of the educational program, the Boccia Trust loans work to borrowing institutions as requested, and asks all inquiries include a facility report, proposed nail to nail insurance and transport details, a formal letter of request, dates, and a formal loan agreement as well as all technical details regarding installation. The trust requires that the borrower provide and incur the cost of all packing (to be approved by the trust conservator and curators) and asks for all exhibit facilities to be secure, climate controlled and alarmed. All loans must have a condition report outgoing and incoming by a curator, registrar, or conservator or other qualified individual approved by the trust.



Travelling Exhibitions

As well, the trust is in the process of developing exhibitions of the artist’s solo work and thematic exhibitions including work of contemporaries. Curated and organized travelling exhibits are provided to interested accredited museums, universities and cultural institutions under contractual agreement. Please inquire at (email/contact).