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Edward Boccia Future Exhibitions

The Edward E. and Madeline J. Boccia Foundation is working with private collectors, galleries and universities to develop several exhibitions in the near future.  Please contact The Foundation regarding artwork by Edward Boccia to be included in these exhibitions.

List of American Artists 1900 and After

Edward E. Boccia is referenced by date of birth of historically recognized American fine artists known for the creation of artworks that are primarily visual in nature, including traditional media such as painting, sculpture, photography, and printmaking, as well as more recent genres, including installation art, performance art, body art, conceptual art, digital art and video art. > Read More

American Expressionism: Allegory in Modern Religious Pictures

“Edward E. Boccia (1921-2012): American Expressionism: Allegory in Modern Religious Pictures” will be the first scholarly monograph dedicated to the study of the painter’s contribution to Modernist art in America.

This project is an exceptional opportunity because of collaboration between the lead author and art historian Rosa JH Berland and the Edward E. & Madeleine J. Boccia Trust, St. Louis, Missouri. Access to the original artwork and primary sources such as correspondence, sketchbooks, and other archival materials will and has provided unique insight. There is a need to illuminate the artist’s enigmatic symbolism, and a historical accounting of his significance is long overdue. The monograph seeks to address this paucity, and thrust Boccia’s work into the critical dialogue concerning non-abstract twaentieth century American art and culture.



Edward E. Boccia on Wikipedia

Visit Wikipedia for additional information regarding the illustrious career of Edward E. Boccia and his influence on American contemporary art. > Read More


Critical Art Historical Monograph

The Edward E. Boccia and Madeleine J. Boccia Trust, St. Louis, Missouri is pleased to announce the continued progress of our primary project, a long overdue treatment of the artist’s work in the form of a critical monograph, expected publication date 2016/2017. Led by art historian Rosa JH Berland, acting managing editor and lead author, this in depth study will offer an analysis of the painter’s work in the context of the definitions of American modernism in the mid century as well as Washington University and its uniquely creative community. Building on recent scholarly reexaminations of the critical viewpoint that abstraction was the prominent or most important force of artistic invention, the book will explore the meaning of American figural painting and invention in Boccia’s oeuvre.


Our highly qualified research team includes Edward Boccia’s daughter and heir Dr. Alice Boccia, Conservator, Scripps College, with special consultation with Dr. Petruta Lipman, Director of Museums and Galleries, Saint Louis University, and assistance from Annika E. Fisher, Line Editor; C.C. Marsh, Lead Research Assistant, All Research Areas, PHD Candidate, University of Texas; Emily May McEwan-Upright, American Art Research Assistant, MA, San Jose State University, and Wendy Timmons, Undergraduate Intern, German Exile Culture and Expressionist Research, Montclair University, BA German Studies Candidate. Funding and Sponsorship is Currently Provided by Private Donors, St. Louis, 2013-2015.

New Research on the Work of the American Painter Edward E. Boccia

Despite success during his lifetime, the work of the erudite yet reclusive American painter and writer Edward. E. Boccia (1950-2012) has existed for some time in obscurity. Research has recently uncovered not only new and astounding pictures, but also a collection of critical writings by the artist.  RJH Berland scribes new research for RACO.  > Read More

Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert o RACO

Edward Boccia Exhibits in The Ghost Army of World War II

The Edward E. and Madeleine J. Boccia Trust, St. Louis is delighted to announce the inclusion of the artist Edward E. Boccia’s work in the exhibition The Ghost Army of World War II, The Salmagundi Club Gallery, New York, New York June 14, 2015 – June 25, 2015.
This groundbreaking exhibit tells the story of the American Ghost Army, kept secret for five decades. Credited with saving many lives, the 1,100 men unit included a select group of art students, illustrators and other creative fields, Boccia among this special 603rd Engineer Combat Battalion. Highly classified work involved visual subterfuge used on the battlefield such as inflatable tanks; sound effects and other tricks intended to give an impression of great military strength.  > Read More

Mystique Marriage (1979), Edward Boccia

Kenneth E. Hudson of Washington University Talks About Edward Boccia

Edward Boccia has been a major contributor to the arts in St. Louis since 1951, when he joined the faculty of the School of Fine Arts, Washington University, and added significant and enriching strength to the cultural forces of the community. An artist-teacher of stature and deep dedication, he has not only stimulated and effectively guided generations of students but, equally, has also produced an impressive body of creative works which have brought recognition and honors to him.


Kenneth E. Hudson, Dean Emeritus, School of Fine Arts, Washington University, St. Louis

‘Edward Boccia: Figurative Expressionist

The Saint Louis University Museum of Art will host an opening reception for its latest exhibition, Friday, January 18, 2013. > Read More

No Matter How Good The Light Is, Poems by a Painter

In No Matter How Good the Light Is, Edward Boccia leads us into the inner world of the artist, revealing the conflicts inherent in conceiving and shaping a vision. An accomplished painter himself, Boccia invites us to journey into the tempestuous waters of creativity and challenge our notions of what is and isn’t art, providing a rare opportunity to share in the struggle of the artistic process and see a master hand at work.


“Boccia finds an idiosyncratic, personal music in the push and pull of brushes, paints, canvas, and easel in the expansive history of painting and what’s painted: every unsettling and colorful aspect of our own mortality. Although he suggests that “any man who hides under his bed / at night, cursing the darkness, / ought to buy a Renoir,” I’m here to tell you that Boccia’s book is a viable, and less expensive, alternative: you won’t need track lighting, extra insurance, or security alarms…for these quirky figments of the painter’s imagination; you’ll have a hard time getting them out of your head.” —- David Clewell, author of The Conspiracy Quartet


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